Services & Products

General Concrete Contracting

Aspen Concrete Contractors Specializes in Concrete Paving of parking lots

Aspen also  provides services to include Placing & finishing of slabs- Early entry cutting  -  demolition- concrete foundations - footings and walls - machine foundations – Truck scales - Laser Screed services are also available – Replacement of existing Driveways

Decorative Concrete

Using concrete stamping and finishing methods like rock salt finishes, texture skins , we can create unique decorative concrete solutions in many styles and colors.

Concrete Stamping & Texture Skins

Concrete stamping is a process used to create the look of another material. Whether it be slate, brick, stone, tile or wood, the possibilities for stamping are endless. Most concrete stamps and texture skins, or stamp mats, are made of durable polyurethane. The mold is made on the actual material it is mimicking so the finished concrete product will look impressively realistic.

Rock Salt Finishes

To create a Rock Salt Finish, rock salt is spread over wet concrete and then rolled in. Once the concrete is dry, the salt is pressure washed away creating a unique distress pattern. There are many options and methods to create the desired look you are after. This is a more afforable way to create unique concrete than concrete stamping.

Pervious Concrete Pavements

This method of pavementing offers the durability of standard concrete while retaining stormwater runoff and replenishing local watershed systems. It is a much more environmentally friendly method for pavements.